Playhouse Theatre School

Summer 2017

What will your child do on their Summer Vacation?

….experience the Magic of LIVE THEATRE!

Fun! Motivating! Engaging! Stimulating! Educational!

Our Summer Youth Theatre School has been a hit with children of all ages. Don’t miss the chance to give the child in your life this wonderful group experience.

They’ll experience the creative joys of live theatre while developing and improving their self-confidence and communication skills as they work together to produce and perform exciting theatrical projects.

Limited admission (20 students per session) – first come, first served. Applications available in March. Please inquire at the Box Office about space availability prior to applying: 613-543-3713

Senior Theatre School

10 years & up

2-week session – July 10-22
Show: July 22, 10am

Price: $200 per student
(call 613-543-3713 for info)


The Senior section offers a wide variety of activities to motivate, engage and inspire them in theatre design and production as well as performance.  In addition to developing greater proficiency in listening and communication skills, the participants will have opportunities to experience the many different aspects of the world of theatre. They will discover the importance of designers, technicians, and playwrights. Students will experiment with the use of props, costuming and makeup as they create, rehearse and perform their own theatre.

Instructor: Drama Teacher Mary Ellen Viau

Junior Theatre School

6-9 years

1-week session -July 3-8
Show : July 8, 10am

Price: $125 per student
(call 613-543-3713 for info)


The Junior section presents activities to stimulate the students’ imagination and develop their creative and communication skills. It will allow students to work on script development, characterization, improvisation and props making. There is a day spent at the theatre working with the crew and learning how they make their magic. This year’s Junior Section will run with the theme of “Being Green” and explore that theme through poetry, music and story development.

Instructor: Drama teacher & actress Kathleen Egan Veinotte