This is a Past Show from our 2013 Season

No Sex Please, We’re British

by Alistair Foot & Anthony Marriott

Katie Leamen; Brian Young; Jackie English

Don’t let the title fool you. This comedy is not about sex. It’s about getting rid of it!

A couple living above the bank where the husband works, send away for some Scandinavian glassware. To their shock they receive a shipment of adult material that they desperately try to dispose of.

The matter is complicated by the man’s mother, his boss, a visiting bank inspector, a police superintendent, and a muddled friend who does everything wrong in his reluctant efforts to help.

“Fast, funny & fabulous! Full of extraordinary sight gags, triple entendres, lovable if mad characters and a laugh about every 60 seconds. A regular 3-ring circus with outrageous lines and actions and a cast that springs into action and never slows for a breath.” —Morrisburg Leader

“‘No Sex’ keeps Playhouse comedy momentum going Strong! Transports audience back to that groovy and much more innocent time. It was a lot of fun!” —Seaway News

Thursday, August 1 8pm P
Friday, August 2 8pm P
Saturday, August 3 8pm O
Sunday, August 4 2pm

Tuesday, August 6 8pm
Wednesday, August 7 2pm
Thursday, August 8 2pm & 8pm
Friday, August 9 8pm CS
Saturday, August 10 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, August 11 2pm

Tuesday, August 13 8pm CS
Wednesday, August 14 2pm
Thursday, August 15 2pm & 8pm
Friday, August 16 8pm
Saturday, August 17 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, August 18 2pm

Tuesday, August 20 8pm CS
Wednesday, August 21 2pm
Thursday, August 22 2pm & 8pm
Friday, August 23 8pm
Saturday, August 24 8pm
Sunday, August 25 2pm C

P = Preview     O = Opening     CS = Country Supper     C = Closing     SS = School Show