Past Shows From Our 2016 Season

Past Shows From Our 2015 Season

  • Bruce Ley, Nathan Smith, Leisa Way, Bobby Prochaska, Fred Smith, Sam Cino

    Have Yourself A Swinging Little Country Christmas

    Created by Leisa Way

    Ran from Nov 26–Dec 13, 2015

    • “If you don't come out of this show beaming with renewed Christmas spirit, you have a little too much Grinch blood in your veins. The company is a collective musical powerhouse. They make you wonder if there is any instrument they can't play, any song they can't sing.” — Morrisburg Leader

  • The Gentleman Clothier

    by Norm Foster

    Ran from Sept. 10 - Oct. 4, 2015

    • “Funniest show of the season. Perfectly-cast foursome makes the most of a poignant but consistently funny script. Foster has made his name a surefire draw by writing so perceptively about the very people who come out to see his plays. His characters are readily recognizable, and when combined with his incisive wit and clever storytelling, his work is at once funny and illuminating. Come out and enjoy a great production at one of the finest professional theatres in the country.” — St. Lawrence News

  • AnnaMarie Lea

    Touch and Go

    by Derek Benfield

    Ran from August 6 - Aug 30, 2015

    • “Outrageous, very funny, delicious and slightly wicked fun. All audiences have to do is sit back, get comfortable and prepare to laugh. A lot. A new plot twist practically every time the audience draws a breath. What a versatile, agile and comically talented cast!” — Morrisburg Leader

  • Hilda’s Yard

    By Norm Foster / Starring Norm Foster & Patricia Vanstone

    Ran from July 9 - August 2, 2015

    • “A real theatrical gem. A fabulous ensemble cast adds so many layers to the sweet, funny, nostalgic, endearing story.” — Seaway News

  • Parris Greaves; Jody Osmond; Perry Mucci; Colleen Sutton

    Stag and Doe

    by Mark Crawford

    Ran from June 11 - July 5, 2015

    • “Fast paced, beautifully acted by a strong cast and brimming with laughter. Affectionate look at the nature of weddings and marriage and the true purpose of both in this day and age. Audiences treated to an absolutely hilarious glimpse into the realities of 'battling brides'. Literally.” — Morrisburg Leader

  • Oh, Canada, We Sing for Thee!

    Created by Leisa Way

    Ran from April 21 - 26, 2015

Past Shows From Our 2014 Season

  • Lights, Camera … Christmas!

    By Jesse Collins

    Ran from Nov 27 - Dec 14, 2014

    • “Playwright and composer Jesse Collins' Lights, Camera...Christmas! is a nostalgic, music and dance filled homage to those grand old days of television and to the performers who were once such a familiar part of holiday celebrations in millions of homes. Audiences will find themselves swept into the lives of some very special characters. There is plenty of laughter, unforeseen twists and turns in the story, exuberant musical numbers and, perhaps, one or two little tears to wipe away. From soft shoe to rock and roll, from tap to disco, the music and dancing are dynamite. More than this, Lights, Camera...Christmas is a play with characters that audiences will come to care about. Collins paints them in such a memorable fashion. A magical journey of song, dance and story. Go and warm your heart.” — Morrisburg Leader

  • Memories of Rock & Roll

    Created by Chris McHarge & Colin Stewart

    Ran from October 16 - 26, 2014

  • On a First Name Basis

    By Norm Foster

    Ran from September 4 - 28

    • “Audience laughter comes often and loudly. People are quickly swept up in a witty, fast paced tango between these two memorable characters. David an Lucy are complicated, fascinating, real. On The Playhouse stage, fine scotch, a $100 bottle of wine and David and Lucy to get to know. What a great evening of theatre!” — Morrisburg Leader

  • Lend Me a Tenor

    By Ken Ludwig

    Ran from July 31 - Aug 24

    • “Buddy, can you spare a Tenor? Very funny. A great combination of style and silliness! Entertaining from top to bottom. Again, as always, the set and costumes are a visual delight. Some of the many great moments include explosive entrances, an impressive musical number and a fast-motion recap of the entire play at the curtain call--just to name a few.” — The Seaway News

  • The Ladies Foursome

    By Norm Foster

    Ran from Jul 3 - 27, 2014

    • “Ladies Foursome burns up the course!
      Four strong women. One 18-hole golf course. The wit of Norm Foster. The directing talents of Jesse Collins. It's a mixture made in theatrical heaven...
      These four unforgettable women can make us roar with laughter one moment, then heave a sigh of understanding the next.
      From the opening tee off to the touching events at the final hole, audiences enjoy some of the funniest, most outrageous and deeply involving 'golf' exchanges in the history of the game.
      Absolutely no topic is off limits with this foursome as they take on the course challenges..and each other. Nothing.
      Hilarious, confrontational, opinionated, fascinating, these four friends take life apart during their 'memorial game', then find a way to put it all back together again. Secrets are revealed, friendships tested, new friends found.
      A hilarious, touching, wonderful play about four pretty wonderful women. Don't miss the chance to get to know them.” — The Morrisburg Leader

  • A Bedfull of Foreigners

    By Dave Freeman

    Ran from June 5 - 29

    • “Laugh riot erupts at Playhouse! Upper Canada Playhouse kicked off its 2014 season in its usual side-splitting style.The actors are a who's who of some of the most talented to ever grace The Playhouse stage. It really is no wonder why the Morrisburg theatre is famous for keeping over 43,000 people filling its seats all year long.” — Seaway News

Past Shows From Our 2013 Season

  • Jessica Vandenberg; Bruce Tubbe; Jody Osmond; Warren Bain; Ryan Jacobs; Meredith Zwicker

    A Christmas Carol

    by Charles Dickens

    Ran from November 28 - December 15, 2013

    • “Fast paced, music and dance filled staging. Was there ever such a party as the Fezziwig’s? Did ‘O Holy Night’ ever sound so lovely? Were the street people of Victorian London ever such talented dancers? You would truly have to have a heart ten sizes too small not to be caught up in the exuberance of the cast!” — Morrisburg Leader

  • Vegas Knights

    Created by Chris McHarge,
    Colin Stewart & Derek Marshall

    Ran from October 18 - 27, 2013

  • Marshall Button as Lucien


    by and starring
    Marshall Button

    Ran from October 2 - 6, 2013

    • “Lucien has become a national icon.” — Ottawa Citizen

  • Linda Goranson; Doug Tangney; AnnaMarie Lea; Patti Kazmer

    The Cemetery Club

    by Ivan Menchell

    Ran from September 5 - 29, 2013

    • “Be ready to fall in love with The Cemetery Club. The title is deceiving. One of the great pleasures is how incredibly funny it is. The laughter never stops. It is contagious. A play of boisterous one-liners and wickedly funny situations. Also a play that embraces life and can deeply touch your heart.” — Morrisburg Leader

  • Katie Leamen; Brian Young; Jackie English

    No Sex Please, We’re British

    by Alistair Foot & Anthony Marriott

    Ran from August 1 - 25, 2013

  • Jamie Williams, Susan Greenfield

    Murder at the Howard Johnson’s

    by Ron Clark & Sam Bobrick

    Ran from July 4 - 28, 2013

  • Kate Gordon; Perry Mucci; Brenda Quesnel; Bruce Tubbe

    Whose Wives Are They Anyway

    by Michael Parker

    Ran from June 6 - 30, 2013