Our Team


Business Manager: Roseann Kelly
Front of House Manager & Volunteer Co-ordinator: Tina Sypes
Box Office: Wendy Cull; Courtney Garlough; Patty Thorpe
Artistic Director/Marketing & Sponsorship Manager: Donnie Bowes
Canteen Manager: Renee Shaver
Theatre School Directors: Kathleen Egan Veinotte; Mary Ellen Viau
Website: Moxy Webworks
Brochure Design: Delitala Design
OnStage Reporter Design: Lily Worrall
Maintenance: Charlie Waddell


Technical Director: Tristan Goethel
Stage Managers: Liz Campbell; Jackie McCormick
Apprentice Stage Managers: TBA
Production Assistant/Carpenter: TBA
Production Assistant/Social Media: TBA

Board of Directors


President: Barry Fawcett
Secretary: Joanne Notman
Treasurer: Lauren Harriman


Glenn Swerdfeger
Geraldine Fitzsimmons
Roxanne Westenbroek
Jimmie Thom
Tom Morrow
Ron Swank